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Benefits and Contributions

Thank you for visiting Scholars Pointe Academy website. As you read through our website, reviewing the full purpose of our Academy's mission, you will agree that our Academy's educational system is designed to make a profound impact to significantly improve the delivery of quality care and education to "Orphaned and Disadvantaged Children in America," who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society today.

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Benefits of the Academy

It is common knowledge that students graduating from elite private prep-schools perform much better at school, than succeed at college or university, and go on to successful careers as professionals, academicians, or society leaders. We also know that access to these elite expensive private schools is limited mainly to children from wealthy families. But, what are the prospects for orphans and disadvantaged children?

At the Academy, our mission is to give the opportunity of an elite prep-school type education to these socially underprivileged children, so they may be guided and educated to be the great professionals and leaders of tomorrow. These opportunities can be made available to these children because of the generosity and foresight of forward-thinking and involved benefactors like you.

Generous Contributions

Please join the Founding Administrators, and other well-wishers of the Scholars Pointe Academy to make this vision a reality. Be part of the generous benefactor pool of the Academy. If you can, please contribute in terms of time, expertise, kindness, and money. Your generous contributions, large or small, are extremely valuable to the Academy.

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